A placeholder for the awesomeness to come.

Mark your calendars, for you have witnessed the birth of an empire.

Unjadeable.com is coming along nicely; it looks nothing like what you see here.

Visit us on March 27th to preview everything we've been working on. We'll be conducting a soft-launch of the site that will consist of a week of Nintendo 3DS coverage. You should expect a complete breakdown of the 3DS handheld plus three of its launch titles (exactly which games is still to be determined).

After that, we will be going dark again until the release of the new Mortal Kombat on April 19th. Like the 3DS, we will be providing exclusive Mortal Kombat koverage for an entire week. See what I did there? 

The purpose of these two soft-launches is to help us get into the groove of things. This is a new endeavor for everyone involved and we don't want to overwhelm ourselves with our ambitious goals.

We are confident that everything will run smoothly so we are going to officially launch the site to coincide with the May 3rd release of the single most anticipate game of all time -- Duke Nukem Forever. If you're unfamiliar with the Duke, his latest mission to save Earth's babes from alien kidnappers has been in development for fourteen years. Controversial for both its mature content and its storied development life, Duke Nukem Forever will provide us with the perfect opportunity to change the face of gaming press.